ZONE ON - Gratitude and Mindful Colouring Journal

ZONE ON - Gratitude and Mindful Colouring Journal

A gratitude and mindful colouring journal designed for children aged 8 -14 years of age.

This book reinforces concepts from the first books in our series (Zone In and In the Zone) but can be used as a stand alone book for first time users as well.

A gratitude and mindful colouring journal that brings together the latest research on neuroplasticity and positive psychology to kickstart a wellbeing practice.

$22.95 (1 – 24 copies)

$18.95 (25-99 copies)

$15.95 (100+ copies)

Teaching programs available when purchasing 25 or more, contact us to find out more.


A WELLNESS journal for children 8 – 14 years old that covers:

  • Resilience and connection
  • Gratitude and acts of kindness
  • Growth mindset and character strengths
  • Self-talk and self-esteem
  • Mindfulness and Nature


The practice of gratitude is a simple way to improve wellbeing. This journal includes over 80 daily gratitude entries .

  • Self-explanatory notes and illustrations.
  • Can be used in your own home
  • Can be used by any teacher to reinforce wellbeing habits.


Colour your way to calm as you train your brain for positive change. Includes over 20 mindful colouring activities that reinforce positive wellbeing messages.


The journal covers a wide variety of positive psychology concepts and encourages the reader to retrain their brain for positive change.

Illustrations not only evoke positive emotions but entice the reader to colour in to reinforce the messages in the book. With plenty of room for writing and reflecting, this journal is a keep sake that will serve as a reference for many years to come.

Wellbeing is a practice not a destination.