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Simple, achievable ways to kickstart your wellbeing practice.

These wellness programs for teenagers and kids are based on the latest research about the power of the brain to create new habits. User-friendly, informative, interactive journals that develop positive habits for life.

Making a Difference

Thankyou to the Government of Western Australia Mental Health Commission, LifelineWA and WA Mental Health Association for recognising our organisation’s efforts in this field and awarding us the 2020 winning prize in the category of Prevention and Promotion of Mental Health in WA.

Our Books

Zone In

A colourful interactive journal designed for children aged 8 -12 years of age. The journal provides practical strategies to help children navigate the complexities of social connections and emotional regulation. It challenges children to reflect on their self-talk and develop a growth mindset to build resilience and self-esteem.

In The Zone

“In the Zone” is an interactive journal designed to help the reader navigate the teenage years by providing practical strategies to regulate emotions, build social connections and bring about positive change.

Zone On

A gratitude and mindful colouring journal designed for children aged 8 -14 years of age.

This book reinforces concepts from the first books in our series (Zone In and In the Zone) but can be used as a stand alone book for first time users as well.


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City of Cockburn

Date: 19th March 2022 Venue: Cockburn City Library The expectations on parents to support their children and teens’ mental

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